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One Major Habit That Happy Couples Display Every Day

Couples who laugh together stay together….would you agree?
Relationships aren’t always easy and there are many factors that need consideration and of course, these factors are subject to change over time

When people are asked what’s the most important personality trait in a potential partner, the answer is often ‘a good sense of humour’.

It makes sense then that couples who laugh together tend to have relationships that go the distance.
A study conducted at the University of North Carolina where 77 couples who had been dating for four years (on average) were asked about the state of their relationships.

They were then asked to talk about how they first met and when listening back to the audio, it was the couples who laughed together that rated their partnerships as supportive and loving.

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One of the study’s authors, Laura Kutz, spoke to TIME about the results:

“We can all think of a time when we were laughing and the person next to us just sat there totally silent.
“All of a sudden that one moment takes a nosedive”.

“We wonder why the other person isn’t laughing, what’s wrong with them, or maybe what’s wrong with us, and what might that mean for our relationship”.

Fantastic when you get to do this in person every day but if you don’t get to see your number one all the time, then chatting to them over the phone is better than nothing and often results in giggles too.
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