Should I tell her?

My girlfriend and her husband have been married for almost two years. Timi and Lekan are such an adorable couple. Timi is expecting their first baby.
Timi invited me to spend Friday night in their house so we could wake up early on Saturday to go shopping in Balogun for their
baby. I arrived that night,we had a lovely meal and later some suya.

After watching a movie,I retired to my room assigned to me for the night. Around mid night,I woke up suddenly because I felt someone’s hands all over me.

I was beyond shock when I realized that it was Lekan who had already succeeded in removing the duvet on me and was already making moves to undress me.

I tried to stop him and asked him if he had lost his mind. He pleaded with me to understand his predicament. He said his pregnant wife had been denying him s*x. I told him to get off me. After some struggle,he eventually left me. I couldn’t sleep that night.

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Through out the shopping next day,I was so tempted to tell Timi. I decided not to eventually. When I told this to my sister,she said I did the right thing by not telling Timi,especially because of Timi’s condition. This happened over two months ago.

Timi has been asking me to come to the house for sleep over and I have been coming up with different excuses not to come. Sometimes,I wonder if Timi ever find out,how would she feel? If this happened to me,maybe my husband did same to my own girl friend,would I want to know?
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