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WARNING: I Ate A$$ And Now I feel Sick

This young lady wants you all to know what she enjoys doing. She shared sexy photos of herself
saying she eats a$$. (Hmmm).

"Y'all know me as that freak.
But I think my ho-ish ways have finally caught up with me

Before I continue, Y'all be aware I am ready to find a guy to settle down with, the lucky guy will get his intestines slurped. Lol

There was this guy I met at the club last weekend. Husky. Sexy. Handsome.
I told him exactly what I wanted to do with him.
Long story short, I was eating his ass out in my apartment 2 nights later and we straffed.

However, I woke up 2 days after that to a very bad sore throat.
Went to get checked by the doctor and waiting for results.

My fellow yansh choppers, be careful how you chop dat ting and who's ting you chop.
Always eat it shower fresh, no matter how clean the guy may be!

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Will this stop me from chopping black yansh? We'll see....but I doubt!

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