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Husband said my Honepot stinks Today

So i bumped into this story on IG, on Joro's timeline to be precise. I was touched. I read and saw a

woman in pains. Some were laughing but I saw pains. Read;

Uncle joro God bless you for the good work u r doing to our relationships Pls hide my identity Happy new year This is my first time writing to you I can't believe what I heard

  I had a son for him oct Since then I've been avoiding cex I was actually scared of pains So finally I summoned courage to do it 2nights ago After 2rounds I wanted more but my husband was like he's tired.

So yesterday night I expected him to continue, he refused and I kuku slept he's been the one begging bfr while I was always running away, Uncle joro to my greatest surprise he told me he didn't want cex because my pu**y smells for the first time in 5years.

  He said the smell discouraged him, Uncle joro pls I don't know what to do because I had my bath before the cex so obviously I already washed Is it childbirth or the v@gina is not healed up P.s I had tear and refused to be stitched.

  Could that be the reason I'm losing my mind already Pls I want to know what to use or do

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