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I Am In Love With A Man That Is Not My Husband

I think i’m in love with a man that isn’t my husband. I have a long history (going back to school
days) with this man. Even though we’ve always had an attraction, we’ve never got together.

We are now both married and we are having a texting affair. Neither of us wants to leave our
spouses, but he’s confessed that he loves me, and i’m confessing right here, i love him too.

 I want him like i’ve never wanted anyone. How can it be possible to love two men at the same time, but love them so differently. I believe that this other man is my soul mate, and even though we’ve tried, we can’t not contact each other.

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Our thing has endured over 15 years, and i’m scared that we’ll never get the chance to be together.

No such thing as loving two men at once but separately. Why try to social engineer love to suit yourself. Next thing we will be having to choose between 35 classes of love. What you mean to say is you are used to your husband. People maybe out of love with someone but you want them there as you are used to them

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