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I can’t get enough of my boyfriend’s brother

Moments after a lady confessed to have slept with her gate man on Joro’s page, another one has come

with a story that leaves me pondering if some ladies have no slight iota of self esteem. She wrote;

It all happened so fast. I had Cex with my
boyfriend’s elder brother and I don’t feel sorry for it. Joro, we went 6 rounds, when it was awesome, this guy na machine.

 My boyfriend is a child in bed. He only knows how to give head and that gets me pissed, I don’t even get orga$m. I have introduced herbal drugs to him. But still, he won’t concur.

 I feel sorry for him. The kiddo knows nothing; I must confess his brother is an actor. I am thinking of breaking up with him and dating his brother.

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I can’t get enough of him either. I have a thing for mature men though. No negative comment. Ladies you should understand.

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