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My Husband Likes Anal, I Give It To Him, That's My Vow To God

So I was going through the IG page of popular relationship counselor Joro Olumofin and I stumbled upon this story, it is a very delicate story as it regards family, religion and loyalty to one's spouse.

 A lady contacted Joro to complain about her husband's desire to penetrate her from the other side instead of the main spot.

lol, She alleged her husband was the one who deflowered her and even before he did, he had asked her for anal! She went further to ask if Joro feels these are not gay tendencies.

But, what got me shocked was when another lady countered her, saying; her husband demands anal and she gives him willingly because its her vow she made to God.


"Good evening Joro, great job you are doing. God bless you and all your followers. I am honestly scared seeing your last post.

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I'm a married woman with two kids, my V is tight and I'm very much in shape but the problem is; my husband prefers anal penetration to vag!na penetration. He begs me for it every time but I decline.

We do not make love due to this, it irritates the shit outta me. I have asked him why he prefers it to normal penetration. Mind you, this guy deflowered me, even before he did, he demanded anal!

Is this a sign he is gay? I cant remember the last time we made love, I am so worried."

"Keep me anaon. Since my wedding night in October, I can count the number of times my husband has given my kitty.

He likes anal. And I give him. I do checks and use creams. Vitamins. I am standing by my man.
That's the vow I made to God. Divorce is a sin.

Phew! What can you say about this

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