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Nollywood Actress Breaks The Internet With N00des Again

Popularly Nigerian actress, has got tables shaking after posting her nuuudes on social media.

who was raised as an orphan, introduced into prostitution and catered for by a prostitute.
She shared her story life and how she became a prostitute

“Born throw way, had and still have no idea of where or who my relatives are, no education, no talent no one to support, my country needed help talk less of helping someone.

“I don’t have any qualities. I had no house so I lived on d streets for days until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I was r@ped, used, deceived, and shot with a gun?’

‘A prostitute took me into her shelter and I had a place to sleep but hey I hit d streets with her every night to the club hoping to see a white man to save me since I have been rejected and abandoned by almost everyone in my life!!!! See how I became a club girl?

“But thank God I found a white guy that heard my life story and promised to give me hope. He did by the way.

She went completely n@ked in her bathroom and strategically covered her modesty with emojis in a new post she shared via her Instagram story

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