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Say No To Broke Men, Ladies Be Smart!

I know most men will be triggered by the title of this thread, without reading what i have to say. I
really couldn't care less lol. This thread is directed to the ladies !!!

Now ladies, i'm not encouraging you to be lazy gold diggers with no ambition. I'm not encouraging
you to use a man entirely for his money. Get your education, work hard and make something of yourself. Strive to be successful. HOWEVER....

Don't be lured into what we call 'ride or die'. A lot of men are deluded by their unrealistic dreams and goals, and believe they can sell you that dream. They'll tell you that they want to do this and that, but they never work towards achieving their goals. I call them empty vessels. Its really sad, because I've seen so many women waste their youth on men who sold them a dream, and end up suffering for the rest of their lives.

There's a difference between a broke man with a vision, and a broke man with a fantasy. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. This is not Bonnie and Clyde, this is the real world, and if you can clearly see that this man is destined to be broke, RUNN!

As a woman, you need to use your YOUTH and BEAUTY to attract the best man who is financially stable as possible. This is not gold digging this is being SMART. Think about your children, think about your future. You don't want to be in your 30's wishing that you spent your younger years with another man. Money is very IMPORTANT in a relationship, and you need to be with someone who will compliment your finances.

Stop making excuses for men, who clearly don't have plans. Stop trying to be the ride or die chick, because you will die in poverty. Yes, we know that women can be the breadwinners of the house, But i can assure you that most women want to be taken care of. If you want to struggle with him now, open your eyes and be sure that you will NOT struggle with him FOREVER.


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