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Seriously! Does That Make Us Bad Girls?

We talk about s3x with all openess, Discuss our Fantasies and what we want in a man, We are not

 afraid to Dictate what size we want or where and how we want it. yet some people scream about Being immoral, Diseased and Vulgar

Gosh it gets me so pissed off cuz if you do it and you Love it, why not talk about it.

There was a time when i asked my boyfriend to help me wit a little cash when he knew I hardly ask,he simply reminded me that he had two sisters that also needed the same thing i asked for,i told him he'll start being intimate with those his sisters. Guess what; he changed!

So this is my story, am studying a 5yrs course in the Uni and am in my finals,throughout the previous years i wasnt in a relationship, i was so engrossed with school works so i could graduate with with a good G.P, I pratically didnt have time for myself. it got to a stage that my friends started pressuring me to get a boyfriend, not like i didnt have people who wanted to date me, i just wasnt ready nor interested.

After 400l, during the session break, i was on IT and met this guy where i was working,he was working at the company too as a permanent staff though. he was so nice to me and made me feel special and loved, we saw virtually every day, sometimes after work he would drop me at home and even became friends with my siblings. he asked me out and i agreed to date him, things was going smoothly bt then i had to go back to school.

After about a week in school, his attitude changed, he stopped calling, messaging or even chatting me up, i was the one calling, messaging and chatting him up, anytime i complain about his change of attitude he would say he was just busy with work and apologise bt didnt change. when i saw that he didnt change, i decided not to call him, chat him or even message and see how long it was going to last.

To think that my first relationship after so long didnt even last 4month

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