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3 Best Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos Ever

It’s no news that Kim Kardashian has taken lots of bikini photos for hundreds and hundreds of times. 

And we can honestly say sometimes we think bikinis her favorite outfit. Lets say you’ve watched Keeping up with the Kardashians two times in your life

That one time must have been about them, taking a vacation (there must be a statistic about the Kardashian clan being on a vacation 360 days a year, somewhere on the internet). 

But there is no reason why we cant recall some of Kim’s best bikinis, right? Because, love her or hate her, she really looks good in a bikini. Take a look at 17 best Kim Kardashian bikini photos!

1. This picture was taken recently. We can see Kim here in a beige bikini that is very small but still, ti covers all the important parts. The atmosphere is kind of magical, though. Her complexion, fantastic hair and color of the bikini are perfectly matched. All together, they give a mellow impression, almost romantic. Kim seems very tender here and we can conclude that bikini also goes well with her engagement ring.
2. We can see Kim here in a bikini that perfectly suits her body. She took this photo for her Instagram collection and it was naturally followed by millions of faves. Kim always knows what type of bikini is best for her curves. This one is pointing out her breasts and she made her point by wearing a large necklace. So if you tried not to look there, the necklace is saying: Hey, are you insane, Im right here!. Nice move, Kim.
3. This is another older photo of Kim on a beach. She poses in a bikini with snake or alligator skin pattern, and we must say- it suits her very well! Not only her body is flawless, but the color and the pattern of her bikini make her even more exotic. Kim is obviously a big fan of tiny bikinis but you cant hold it against her. She knows what is the best option for her curves on the beach and she uses it well.  

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