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Celebrities You Will Never Want To Date

It’s no doubt that  most Celebrities live as if they were on another part of the world, 

or on some mysterious Hollywood Olympus, and they just can’t be like ordinary people.
Yet there is one thing that puts them
firmly on the same level with all of us: when it comes to looking for love, any A-lister may fare as well as the next person, or even worse.
Though some of them resort to matchmakers’ services, it gives them no better guarantee if they are inclined to subversive behaviors in relationships.
However, these are 21 Celebrities You Will Never Want to Date

1. With Khloe Kardashian it means being on reality TV

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Khloe Kardashian knows perfectly well on how to bring the whole of her relationship on reality TV.

Through their dating to the hasty marriage and then, it was all on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

When French Montana came around, history repeated itself, but the rapper pointed out that the series caused their relationship to wilt, and ended up without due payment for his participation. So, it’s either relationship or reality, the two don’t mix.

2. With Lindsay Lohan It’s Demanding Attitude and drug addiction

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Lindsay Lohan has a slew of failed relationships in her past, from Aaron Carter to Wilmer Valderrama to Samantha Ronson. Her bad, demanding attitude and drug addiction apparently make her hard to date.
Not only that, but a few years ago, there were rumors that she would often pimp herself out for money as an escort. Best to stay away.

3. With Mariah Carey it means Get Ready to Spend Carelessly

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The songstress is well-known for her amazing ability to swill money down the drain. Her agreement to tie up her life with James Packer, the Australian billionaire and casino tycoon seemed like the best idea for everyone. 

Yet their relationship never lived past a ten-month period, and it is rumored that their final stormy disagreement in Greece was over money. 

Sources claimed that as the couple were going all over the world Carey showed such an ability for spending that Packer was flabbergasted beyond comprehension. 

The stage queen would order exotic flowers in quantities from any place on the Earth and kept a 24/7 makeup team on call for months on end. That’s the Carey-esque lifestyle!

4. Rita Ora

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Rita Ora is a hot British singer, but she’s not so great at relationships. She’s had break ups with Calvin Harris, Richard Hilfiger, and Rob Kardashian.
Rita Ora admitted to having cheated on Rob Kardashian multiple times, and apparently continued the same behavior in her other relationships as well.

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