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What we call Domain Redirect: These Ladies And Some Malfunction on Life TV

Well for those in the tech and website world a domain redirects 

A  acts as a pointer to another domain. When accessing a web page on the redirected domain, the 

browser’s URL is changed to the domain to which it is being redirected.

When setting this up through a Cpanel, a 301 redirect is created automatically.
However here we use the world domain redirect and a slang word here for some couple of ladies who
in their domain (of course TV presenting) had a couple of wardrobe malfunctioning.

1. Model Danielle Atkin 

A model and TV presenter suffered a red-faced wardrobe malfunction on air.
Model Danielle Atkin was presenting the Australian version of the Price is Right when a  slipped out of her low-cut top.
As the crowds beam behind her she holds out her arms to presenter Larry Edmur.
But her alluring red dress failed to keep her ample assets contained as she casts a beaming smile.
Neither Danielle nor the clapping crowds behind her seemed aware of the problem.
But a sharp-eyed viewer slowed the recording down to capture the moment in all its embarrassment.

2. This Italian news anchor’s wardrobe malfunction was poppin’

During a recent newscast, Italian reporter Marika Fruscio experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

She isn’t the first news anchor to have to deal with an unexpected clothing issue in the middle of a live broadcast.

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This Italian news show was a ratings winner with an anchor’s up-tops photo bombing the camera.

Everybody watched that night and not one could probably tell you what happened in the news that day. 

2. Female News Presenter 

Wish I know her name in particular. Well you can see here that in her domain she had a draw out of what was redirection from the news to some sort of domain that wasn’t the news.

Well the domain redirects was so obvious that when you watch the video for yourself you definitely will observe same redirected focus.


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