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Etinosa Accept $250,000 Pornhub Deal (SATIRE NEWS)

Just few days after the rumble of the Etinosa and mcglaxay ig live scandal came to settle, it looks like Etinosa has reaped from the scandal.

News coming in from TMZEE, states that pornhub have approached Etinosa with a deal, worth 250,000, as they plan to
add a new section to their category “potbelly”.

Speaking with the head PR porn hub, he said “we have been trying to create a unique African category on our site now, something people can relate to something men in Africa see around. That is what gave birth to this category and eti nosa is the perfect person to kick start this campaign”.

We are not sure yet if Etinosa will be doing more live IG videos or will have exclusive content on pornhub for her fans and potbelly lovers.

FNN caught up with mc glaxay to know his reaction after the fire from fans on social media. here’s what he had to say. “i am happy for etinosa and i am happy This deal will help her elevate from her depression state.


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