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See What Husband Did To His Wife For Trying To Divorce Her

Doctors, instructors, and entire strangers from across the Bay Area, California,U.S, are rallying
behind Atsade Nigese from Ethiopia, who survived a brutal act of home violence when her husband poured acid all over her face and body, naija news live.

Speaking via her buddy who served as an
interpreter, Nigese says her husband, who became a federal police officer in Ethiopia, often beat her and broke her teeth.

But one night time, a 12 months ago, after she instructed him she desired a divorce, she stated he threw acid on her.

Nigese is now blind with scarred skin. Her frame is disfigured and even her personal son initially rejected her, pronouncing he knew her by using her voice however could not identify whatever else about her.

Menbere Aklilu of Richmond said she desired to help. Two years in the past, she helped every other Ethiopian woman, who had also been burned by means of acid, some thing she stated her ex-fiance had thrown on her.

Because of that experience Akilu, who also survived an abusive dating, knew the way to get Nigese a visa. And she flew to Ethiopia to retrieve Nigese and invited her to live together with her and get a few medical help. Akilu stated she’d adore it if Nigese could at some point see again.

“I want her to get her vision, that’s my dream,” Aklilu said.

For nearly seven months, Nigese has been residing with Aklilu. The two ladies, both from Ethiopia, proportion any other special bond, one they don’t desire on every person else. Both have survived domestic abuse.

“I see myself via her,” Akilu said. “I’m fortunate I run from him. So today I even have the capacity to assist others.”

In her quick time dwelling in the Bay Area, Nigese is slowly studying to come to be unbiased all over again. She’s found out to get around the use of a cane. Three hours an afternoon, five days every week, Nigese learns Braille and English, with volunteers at her aspect.

On top of that, doctors from the University of California at San Francisco are donating their time and abilities to reconstruct her ears, eyelids nose and mouth.

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