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She Ask For Cex And She Wants To Break Up

My girl friend said she is no longer interested in me that she has found a new guy who is from her own village, which she might end up marrying all because we had a little miss understanding which she was at fault, it lasted for two months,

which as the man I came back to make amends, before I came back my very close man I mean very much close friend has already arranged and connects her to another friend withing our circle of friends without him consulting me,

He new we had issues, he never made any attempts to settle us but to break us,now they have started dating, she confided in one of her friends who told me she is coming to give me one last rump of sex from

seriously speaking at this point I'm in Delimma , pains all over my heart for this high level of betrayal , a lot of evil thoughts are going through my head right now ,
your advice I'll be highly appreciated
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