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CAUTION "Boys PrayHard"B4 You F*ck A Lekki RunsGirl Cos"They are for the Elites!

! Not only Lekki but Abuja and Portharcourt Businessladies or Topladies(runslady)
IF you like heed to my warning You Younglads ,
I see young guys like babies to be cuddled because they are so empty and Carefree(God loves you dude specially).........If not for the thousands of prayer showered on you Vacuum being by your MUMs and Sisters ,
No man will be Alive (Thats why God made females spiritually strong to selfishly save her own) .............. And.Dont even boast of being a badguy through yahoo+ ritual(Small kids ritual ) because it dosent work on ladies ,Works on 0.4%
,We have the secret formulae to Avoid that _secret though, You guys only eat faeces as ritual and boast is yahoo + ,So leave the matter for mathais.........

Youngies Follow your mate and leave Top ladies Alone !
, WAIT! Should i be Saying this ? YES ,so the world will be a better place Because Their are so much sudden deaths and bloodshed in the land

It comes to my notice that some nairaland dudes and outside guys Age ranging from 24- 35 fvcks TopLadies (Runsg) with N200k to N500k and Boast with it instead of a normal prost.itute or a smallgirl Suitable for you ..Hahahahaha... sorry bros Woe Awaits you, Boast the more ok ...
[I will Say it as i see it because the money dosent come to me "So why will i be hiding this Atrocious secret ,]
*As A Small boy , if You dip ur organ in that Alumed hole ,Nothing good will come your Way ,No matter What you try ,Unless you Have Bishop Milingo or Uma ukpai as a mum ,10million will be so useless to you ,That you might starve to death After Getting hold of it in 3days, This ladies Are for mighty men who has hundreds of spiritualist As fortress with deadly charms buried in their dermis...You smallboys can insult me ,

But Am doing my work ie Work of god.. Empty heads if you think their pvssy smells ' (because to you small 2mins di.cks ,Anylady that has bad smells is considered a wronglady) !No it dosent smell but Oozes of banana ,ixora and rose fragrances Which most smallguys sucks like icecream out of hardcore excitement..Spits ...tanks to indian yxxxx ,and Sucking that banana/rose flavored homorones has a huge repurcursion of Shames and sorrows ,People are in bondage no one seems to notice OK oo! Guys boast a lot ..Spits again

I have these ladies as my friends and mentor should i tell them to stop it ,Who are mine ,...but Am telling you now your 200k per nite is nothing to a top lady maybe thats the money for her side mirror

NOTE : Ladies dynamic rituals has remain a hidden secret over the years and it should remain so , Men's rituals Are always open because it should be open for a reason.
A lekki/Abuja/PH top lady might have soft spot for the Accursed guy ,All she will do is to keep you in her house Use you to boost her fame through sex and feed you silly as her husband till your dying days While she acquires dozens of flashy cars worthing 100s of million ,
Her love for you can never push her to break that curse , These are women we talkabout
**If you have a useless guy around you defiling your imagination by being excessly useless and worthless after being a graduate, it can never be far from it study him you will see a classy chick as his fiancee or babe ..Ladies run the world now !! .Just pity him ok Because his last breathe will be his saving grace!

Lastly, Is a two way Money making plan ,which is make money from top politicians worthing millions of naira at night or make it through young unfortunate boys , The later is safer/less stress for any toplady .

Sexologist mamaV

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