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My Girlfriend Seemed Perfect Till This Happened

Good day fam. I have this girl I have been dating for over 2 years now. She is an amazing person, 

caring, loving and loyal. She gives so much for our relationship and doesn't ask for anything in return just my love and sincerity. 

We started off being very open with each other but I have anger and insecurity issues and i began to beat her anytime I felt she was getting familiar
with any guy and even some girls.

 I did this to make her tell me the whole truth and also to make her stay away from these people. She claims that this has made her afraid of me and doesn't allow her to be as open with me as she wants to be. 

We stayed together for a while but work took me to another state. She always makes effort to come and see me and I try to go and see her but the sometimes I drift away and she complains that she feels I am cheating on her especially because I am close to many girls. 

I often prove myself to her but sometimes the complaints get too much and I call it quits but later on we settle. 

The issue at hand now is that she has been depressed about some school issues and I try to be there for her but she said the excitement and joy is gone from our relationship and that I am not putting enough effort, I acknowledged this and tried to do better. 

However, the last time she came to see me she was acting strange and asked me to use a condom. I was suspicious so I beat her and she confessed that another guy had touched her but they didnt av sex, she claimed she did it bcus she was emotionally down and lonely. 

I am very hurt and angry because this is the second time this is happening although from her chat with her friends I can confirm she didnt av sex, I dont understand y she would let another man touch her in spite of our issues. I know she loves me and I dont want to let her go because she just seems so right for me. 

I really need advice on what to do next. Thanks guys

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