I Got Postinor 2. Told Him I’m Ovulating; I Saw Sp.e.r.m & Discharge Along My Lap

Good morning, I am in a dilemma. I’m engaged to get married soon, but my fiancé and I are in a long distance relationship it haven’t been easy but we pulling through little by little,

my fiancé is in Nigeria . Throwback to few weeks I met a guy here and we got talking and we became friends, he sounded

I told my fiance about everything when I spoke to him, and his response was just be careful. So during one of my conversations with the guy , we found out that we both smoke so we just jokingly said we will share a joint one day and that was it. Yesterday evening he called me that’s he’s around my area can he drop by.

Joro I swear innocently I said yes sure, I didn’t find anything odd about it because we talk about both our relationships we are in and life stuff and all along his approach towards me has been platonic so I didn’t think anything off.

Before his call came in I was cooking and I also planned on smoking that night, I’ve already gotten the joint , after he came he saw the joint he was like this is perfect we could share that joint we talked about and we both laughed. After we smoked and ate, I was already tripping so I started watching cartoons and he was listening to music, so I told him he had to get going because I was starting to feel sleepy.

So he said sure that he’s waiting for his Uber, all this while I was sitting on the edge of the bed, so I just slides over and lied down at the edge of the bed. He started laughing and he was like this one is tripping and I said yeah I’m zoomed. When the Uber came he was about to leave , at this point I was almost sleeping so he came over to the bed side where I was lying down and he bent over and he peck me on the cheeks and I was like whoa dude chill, I’m too high for this poo, he was in my face so I pushed him away and he laughed and came back and tried..


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