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BBNaija: Why Mercy Doesn't Want To Do It With Ike Yet

Mercy doesn't want to do it with Ike for
now. She thinks Ike will chop and go and
clean mouth .

According to MizzD who monitored the
BBNaija couple in bed while they were

Ike wants to take it to the next level with
mercy. With what he has experienced with
mercy so far, he's ready to make it work
with mercy outside the house but he's not
sure about mercy. He said the only but may
be bad sex, but he feels its still not a deal

Mercy is not ready to 'give' him sex and
mentioned that a typical Nigerian guy loses
interest the moment he gets into the girl's
panties. ike said he'd wait.

His last relationship was four years but he
says he doesn't want to go into the details,
although both of them were not ready to
get married. The ex is black but not
Nigerian, so his parents wouldn't have
agreed to him marrying her. 

He said she's
been to jail a couple of times and was also
pregnant at some point in the relationship
but they both were not ready for kids. Said
she loved money but was too lazy to work,
so whatever money he makes from the
streets, he gives to her but she still seeks
more from her sugar daddies and it felt like
they were in a competition.

Mercy asks if he has ever made a girl feel
he likes her, only to move on after the first
sex. Ike says its normal level, but most
times it's not that he leads them on.
Usually, after a first date, they did it and
 is bad, he'd fake it but he wont just
ditch or block them. He keeps them as

Ike says he doesn't chase heavily, he just
says a few words here and there and if he
eventually has sex with them and it's bad,
he wouldn't block them, but if the girl goes
crazy, he'd tell her to calm down.

Mercy says they will wait one year because
Ike is a bad guy. She says Ike has sweet
mouth, and ike replies that mercy has sweet
everything cheesy.

Mercy is still worried that Ike will leave after
doing it with her because Ike has said he
doesn't chase girls, its vice versa. But Ike
tells her that she is different because he
loves her.

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