Alfa Used A Fake Vision To Rape a Student In Lagos

An Alfa, Mustapha Hammed, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for alleged rape of a 29-year-old student from Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka, Lagos.

Mustapha Hammed

Police said the 23-year-old suspect told the victim that he saw a vision that she would die within 24 hours unless the student took three spiritual baths.

It was collected that after the victim received the message, Hammed reportedly brought the girl to Itowolo in the Ikorodu area of ​​the state of Lagos for cleansing to prevent death.

While addressing the press during a parade at the state police command, the Lagos Police Commissioner said the victim never knew that Hammed had a clandestine plan for assaulting her sexually.

He also said that since Hammed allegedly raped the victim, she had remained traumatized.

Imohimi said: ‘The Alpha has cheated the victim that he saw in a vision that she would die within 24 hours. He took the girl to Ikorodu, Lagos, for cleaning, so that she would not die.

“In Ikorodu, he raped the girl who was a virgin.

“He then wiped her blood with a white handkerchief and since then, according to the father of the victim, the girl has been behaving abnormally because she was completely destroyed and traumatized by the incident.”

Hammed confessed that he had deflowered the girl when he brought her to Itowolo in the Ikorodu region of the state of Lagos to cleanse her spiritually.

The native Oyo state said: I called the girl to meet me at home. The girl is my friend’s friend. When she came, I told her that I saw a vision that she has a spiritual husband while I was praying and told her that she had to bathe three times to solve the spiritual problem.

“The girl agreed to follow me to my house in Ikorodu. When we got there, she bathed the first time, but before she had the second bath, I had put a frog in the water. I threw the frog in the water because I want to marry her but I don’t know how to tell her.

“When she saw the frog, she ran out of the bathroom. I told her it was a bad sign and she asked what to do. I then told her to call her boyfriend to meet her at my house. She told me she couldn’t call anyone and asked me to help her do everything. She said she was still a virgin and told me to deflower her, so I did. But it was on that day that I realized that she was a virgin.

Hammond also said the girl was fine when they returned from Ikorodu, and added that he was not responsible for her abnormal behavior.

He said: “When we got back to Bariga from Ikorodu, I saw her about two weeks ago and she was fine. They said I raped the girl and used her to do something; I didn’t use her to do anything. to do. ‘

The CP said the case had been transferred to the Gender Section unit for further investigation, and added that the suspect would be brought to justice at the end of the investigation

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