Angry Mobs Roasts 4 Kidnappers After Kidnapping SS3 Student For Rituals

It was black yesterday when groups of angry four abductors were set on fire, including a lady in Otuo, Owan East Local Government Area, accused of abducting a female SS3 student and killing her for ritual purpose.


A student from Azama College in Ikhuera neighborhoods of the rustic city was reportedly sent by her neighbor on Sunday evening to buy bags of water.

Along with the message she was caught by these bad people and her head was apparently separated from her body for ritual.

It was also collected that when the young girl’s parents could not find her, they raised the alarm, but her whereabouts remained unknown.

The source said that one of the perpetrators caught in the early hours of yesterday during an attempt to dump the body of the victim who has known the crime and those involved, including the woman, who reportedly performed the rituals for them.

“The two boys were burned this morning (yesterday) together with the woman while her house was razed to the ground. They were all towed to the popular ‘Women’s Center’ where the community police station is located. The third boy was traced to his farm and arrested, “he said.

It was collected that the third man arrested for the ritual killing was burned late by a crowd later yesterday.

One of the suspects, the gang leader, identified as Lukeman, would be a serial killer, while two of the boys who accompanied Lukeman have the same parents, and from Ikhueran, Otuo.

He also said that the woman who performed the rituals came from the state of Kogi, while Lukman is said to be from Auchi in the local local government area of ​​Etsako West.

Edo Police Command spokesperson, Mr. Chidi Nwabuzor, said, confirming the incident, that only two of those arrested had been burned.

“The order is aware that a young girl’s head was cut off and the community youth arrested two suspects who took them to the station where they were set on fire,” he said.

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