Breaking: Senate Introduces Bill To Create Agency For Repentant Boko haram Members

A bill, sponsored by Ibrahim Gaidam or the senatorial district of East Yobe, was first read on the floor of the Senate Thursday.

Boko Haram

The bill is already a subject of fierce reduction and offers further concession to militants from Boko Haram who choose to stop the fire.

Last month, the Nigerian army said no fewer than 608 repentant rebels in Boko Haram were undergoing the de-radicalization, rehabilitation, and reintegration (DRR) program in the context of the Safe Corridor operation in Malam-Sidi, Gombe State.

Clients, the military euphemism for the repentant insurgents, would be exposed during their training to formal literacy classes, skills acquisition and Islamic religious knowledge (IRK), as well as drug and psychotherapists.

A group of Borno elsewhere, led by former Governor Kashim Shettima, frowned on the initiative last year and said the operation of the army was not well thought out.

They feared that releasing Boko Haram’s alleged repentant militants could be counterproductive because hardened hunters would return to the terrorist group to commit more atrocities.

“The ongoing radicalization and reintegration of repentant rebels from Boko Haram under the” operation safe corridor “or defense headquarters is a cause for concern for members of the Civil JTF and some stakeholders in the state,” the group wrote in a letter last year.

“(We) suspect that” Boko Haram members do not repent “, hence the de-radicalization program may be breeding and policemen or recruitment for the Boko Haram,” they had said.

They urged the president to approve the suspension of the program.

More Nigerians have also voted against the policy.

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