BREAKING: UNILAG Ex-lecturer Bags 21 Years For R.a.p.i.n.g Admission-seeker

An Ikeja High Court on Thursday sentenced a former part-time lecturer at the University of Lagos, Akin Baruwa, to 21 years in prison for raping an 18-year-old admission seeker.

UNILAG Ex-lecturer

Justice Josephine Oyefeso described Baruwa as horrible during his conviction.

Oyefeso was of the opinion that the punishment should serve as a deterrent to others.

She said: ‘The crime against this young lady was a violation of her chastity that would have left behind huge emotional scars that I pray and hope she will recover.

“I can’t imagine she had to endure a physical and mental trauma from the man she considered her father’s friend, a community leader who should have known better. This is a shame.

“This is a crime that not only offends the survivor, it offends her family, it offends society as a whole, it also offends God.

“I find Baruwa Afeez Akin guilty of rape in violation of Article 258 (1) of the Lagos Criminal Law, 2011, and hereby condemn you accordingly.

“In accordance with Article 258 of the Lagos Criminal Code, 2011, Baruwa Afeez Akin is hereby sentenced to 21 years in prison.”

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