CCTV: Man Caught On Camera Stealing Items From A Pharmaceutical In Abuja (video)

An unidentified man, dressed in indigenous clothing, was seen on the camera that stole some items from a pharmaceutical store and dropped it in a bag under the counter where the sales girl was standing.

As the video shows, the man first asked for cotton wool and a facial cleanser that he opened and used and later dropped it on to the sales girl in his bag next to the counter.

To distract the sales girl, he brought items worth 16th thousand plus to keep her busy while he carried out his plan.

He also took some things out of the fridge and put them in his pocket while the sales girl was busy putting together what was supposedly bought.

The man told the sales girl that he would take his ATM out of the car, and he walked out with the bag he used to steal the items without returning.

If you know and have information about this man, please contact

See video below:

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