Death Penalty Approved For Kidnappers In Gombe State

Gombe State House of Assembly adopted a law on Tuesday for the prohibition of abduction, abduction of persons and other related matters.

Ranbi Ayala

News agency of Nigeria reports that the legislation followed the approval of a report by the House Committee on Judiciary, which studied the bill.

The Committee recommended a death penalty for those found guilty of abduction and abduction, while those who help and reduce crime must face life imprisonment.

It also recommended a 10-year prison sentence for those involved in making up kidnapping and abduction information.

The committee chairman, Mr Ranbi Ayala, who represents Billiri East’s constitutional ground, presented the report on the bill at Tuesday’s Gombe plenary session.

Ayala said: ‘The committee recommends anyone who kidnaps or abducts in any way so that that person can be killed.

“Or perhaps removed so that the danger of being killed or with the intention of demanding ransom is killed, will be punished with death.

“The person who tries to abduct or abduct a person and who performs an act against abduction or abduction in such an attempt is punished with life imprisonment without the possibility of a fine.”

Ayala added that “anyone who provides and manufactures information about abduction or abduction who intends to instill fear or gain financial benefits is punished with a 10-year prison sentence without the possibility of a fine.”

House leader Markus Samuel, representative of the Pero Shonge constituency, explains the motion for the third reading of the bill and is seconded by Ranbi Ayala.

Speaker, Abubakar Ibrahim, noted that abduction and abduction have become worrying issues in the state.

While praising the commission for a well-executed assignment, he said that if the bill was signed by the governor, the punishment would serve as a deterrent to perpetrators and others.

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