Don Jazzy Called Out As A Top Celebrity Who Services Abuja Big Men Intimately

After the popular Instagram blogger, known as Cutie _julls, took away the names of some male celebrities from Nollywood who, in her opinion, love opening “their yansh to collect dicks from great men from Abuja”, a commentator has revealed that Don Jazzy is the number one ‘on the list.

Don Jazzy

It all started when the blogger listed a number of popular celebrities such as Ikechukwu, Alex, chic Jeremiah, Eric, Leo, and so on. Some male celebrities that they claimed were known to “open their yansh to collect dicks from great men of Abuja.” SleekGist reports.

She wrote:

If only these Nollywood boys who open their Yansh to collect dicks from great men from Abuja will give their full time to kpekus, I think the nollywood girls will just weaken with the snarling gene. :

Brother IKechukwu, step forward. Brother Alex, go to the diary room. Oga sir, please sit in the yellow chair in front of me. Mmazi Eric, hold your ear. Brother Jeremiah, please go with Alex to the diary room. Brother Leo, go back. Yomi, please sit on the red chair! Chai! I’m not getting tired. Let me drink water and come back. Brb ..

In the comments section a commentator who was identified as ‘peaceudo444’ fell and said:

“You forgot to mention Don Jazzy

“… he is number 1 on that list, we know”

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