Footballer suspended for five years for biting opponent’s p.e.n.i.s during a match in France

An amateur player was banned for five years in a local competition for biting the penis of one of his opponents during a fight after the game in France.

Emmanuel Saling

The incident allegedly occurred after a dichotomy between Terville and Soetrich in a local competition that ended 1 – 1 on November 17, 2019.

According to a local news website in Lorraine, one player from each party started fighting, another Terville player joined in and tried to separate them. The Soetrich player responded by biting into the penis of the peacemaker. The victim needed about 10 stitches and had to take four days off.

‘The events took place after the game in the parking garage of the stadium. There was an argument, an escalation, and it got worse, “said Emmanuel Saling of the Mosellan football district, adding that the debt was” more or less shared. “

Saling also said that because the “case was very original,” the disciplinary committee had called a witness expert before deciding to suspend the Soetrich player for five years.

The injured Terville player was also suspended for six months for his share in the fight.

“It is quite rare to have sanctions of several years, there are fewer than 10 a year,” Saling said. “The case was a bit saucy, but … there must have been some nasty tension, so the smile on the disciplinary committee faded quickly.”

The publication also revealed that the two clubs were punished with two penalty points and a fine of 200 euros “for not meeting their security obligations” and “for the lack of reaction from club officials when the fight broke out.”

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