Ghanaian Lady Narrates Her Ordeals In Munich After Falling In Love With A German

A Ghanaian lady shared her terrifying experience in the hands of her German lover, who secured her visa and brought her to Munich, Germany, to subject her to inhuman torture alone.

Ghanaian lady

The lady identified as Ama, with username, @ EweGirl_, stated while sharing her story that Germans are racists because they have destroyed her life.

According to Ama, her German lover, her visa secured, brought her to Munich, German, and making her believe that she will get a job and even if she stays her visa for too long, she will still be ok, because he will take care of her and if they eventually have a child together, she can get a permit right away and life would be good.

However, the opposite was the case, after a few months when she was humiliated and subjected to a life of torture and mystery …

Read her tweets;

The way this man made it sound. As if I would get a job and even if I stay for too long, I will still be ok. He will take care of me. And that wnr. We have a child together. I can get a permit right away. And life would be good.

I went. When I got there. The standard of living was different. I thought maybe it was just the city where I was. But the first month we went to Berlin and Frankfurt and they were all just terrible. Then I realized I missed Ghana.

I received my visa in March 2017. When it expired. I didn’t get pregnant. We were chopping raw, but nothing happened. He started beating me. When I ask for food, he hits me. If he leaves home alone. He locks me in and leaves me without a key.

I was not allowed to make friends. And I couldn’t tell my friends in Ghana what I was going through, because Facebook di3r posted dinners and baecations in my first month in Germany.

One day. We were in the U-bahn. That’s a train. Chale. I accidentally stepped on him because the train took a turn and it didn’t go well with me. The beating when I got back to his flat. All because of small steps I put on his shoes. T

In the beginning, sex was also gross. Do not get me wrong. In the beginning we were both in love. But after I got my visa for too long. When I ask for sex, he refuses. But if he wants sex, he takes off my clothes without asking. But I didn’t think much about it.

I realized that I made a mistake when I couldn’t get a job. And when I ask him for money to base things on. Sanitary pads. Soap for washing. When I came to Germany, I received 500 euros from him every month. For four months. My visa expired after 90 days. I received nothing

He always took me to see his friends and family. That has stopped too. When someone came, he told me to stay in the room. I started to sleep on the floor. We used to share a bed. But I lay on the floor with just a sheet.

One day I cooked meat for him. It was well done. He threw the meat back at me and told me not to cook my forest food for him. In the course of all that I scored a burn on my chest. Which I have dealt with alone.

When I was having my period. He would find me on the floor because I couldn’t sleep on his bed. And he would kick me and tell me how I lie and that I don’t want to work and clean the house. Guys. Fear Germans. Fear them. I cried every night.

One day. We were in a restaurant and I order hamburger and fries with milkshake. He told me that I am fat and ugly and when we came home. He let me strip and stand in front of the mirror. He started pinching my fat and calling me a black bitch.

Then one day I wanted to leave. I just said I’d go to the airport and tell them to take me back to Ghana. But I could not find my passport. He had taken it. That night I asked him to buy me a flight back to Ghana. He told me that he is not my parent and that I should call my mother

All this time I had lied to my family that I enjoyed Germany. I couldn’t handle shame and shame. I stayed calm.

This is now 2018 August. I still hadn’t gotten pregnant. He also used condom when we were having sex to prevent me from becoming pregnant. He started starving me. Every time I wanted to eat, I had to ask him because the fridge was locked.

One day when I was cleaning. I found my passport and saved it. Chale. When he came home from work. I had not cleaned the bathroom. He kicked me on the street. I went to a police station and told them I was kicked out. I show that I am my passport. They locked me up. Cat face with tears of joy. Cat face with tears of joy. Cat face with tears of joy. Cat face with tears of joy.

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