Is This Why US, Europe, Others Are Deporting Blacks – Sad Video

It is so discouraging how some black people behave in foreign countries; no respect for law and order …


they still do it and cause confusion in organized societies after fleeing their own impoverished black nations and blaming bad government, but they export their madness abroad. I am so disappointed to see this.

Dear Nigerian youth, we really have to make a difference by living well and correcting the people we know who do the wrong things. Change must start to cry from us

Transcription of the video:

2 black boys from Africa; Immigrants in an unnamed European country entered a liquor store in Europe and they never intended to buy anything, so they just opened secretly to open drinks (fruit juice) and drink them, and after they finished, they cover it back , go back to the shelf and have another drink to sip.

They didn’t even worry about the health consequences of their action for other shoppers who are going to buy this cry of drinks

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