Kaduna PDP Youths Frowns At Caucus Micro-zoning

Kaduna PDP Young people frown at Caucus Micro zoning for the congress
February 20, 2020
… Suspicious imposition

Kaduna PDP

The concerned PDP youth group in the state of Kaduna condemned the party’s caucus position in the state to micro-zone the position of the Kachia presidency, contrary to the decision of the extraordinary national caucus meeting recently held in Abuja. At the end of the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that “the position of the PDP in all states of the federation should not be micro-zoned.” The youngsters warned of the imminent danger that the party in Kaduna is waiting if they continue with their plan and micro-zoned.

The group said the entire movement is focused on imposing the current party chairman, Hassan Hyet, on the party. The group described the PDP caucus in Zone 3 as “selfish politician” and “a big liability to the party” because they focus their mind and energy on what they will make of the party and are not really interested in advancing and implementing from the party.

In a two-page document signed and issued to journalists by the leader of the group, Comrade Daniel “Oscar” Yishen, said: “We are aware that the caucus, in their interest and against the party’s member, the position the Presidency of the European Union has sincerely zoned to Kachia, and we are aware that the party in the state wants to sell only one form to their only anointed candidate, Hyet, which denies other aspirants access to the aspiration form and Hyet as the The Caucus of the Party in Zone 3 lives in the past and refrains from establishing a credible internal democracy within the Party, which is a clear expression that they, Zone 3 Caucus, do not have the have the necessary skills to lead an opposition party, “said.

“How can you get party leaders who are not united,” he said with the tongue and added: “Leaders who hold resentment against each other but do not forgive each other want to bring forward a solid party seizing power from the ruling party “This is a huge joke. The reform of the PDP in the state of Kaduuna should have meant that they were reforming themselves, the party leaders.

“We, the young people, are dissatisfied and dissatisfied with the zoning of the party’s position at Kachia and of all indications, zoning is a deliberate calculation to maintain the existing status quo and to support Hyet, the current chairman who does not the leadership is party as opposition party.

“In today’s Kaduna state, PDP is a lame duck, a toothless bulldog, and no one can claim that we have done our work as an opposition to hold the government accountable. We cannot claim that we are serious about seizing power in 2023 with this type of team.

“We ask for a level playing field where everyone can dispute and leave the system unchanged, so that it can turn out the best hands that can steer the affairs of the party, someone who enjoys the cooperation of the party members because they have him chosen.

“We give this warning as a peradventure; the caucus succeeds in their plans and imposes Hyet on the party, many party members will leave the party, the party will collapse. In retrospect, the victory achieved during the 2019 polls was driven by the young people and not by the caucus, and we want them to take note of this. But when it comes to leading people or setting up the party structure, the young people will be left behind. We will not remain subordinate. “

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