Man Viciously Beat Wife Removes Her Four Teeth Over Infidelity (Photos)

A Nigerian man from the state of Edo, Benin, who lives mercilessly on the Ekewan Stock Exchange, Ogbebuay, beat his wife about infidelity and the woman lost four teeth.


According to report observed by on Wednesday (February 19), the man was planning to move his family from Benin to Canada. That is why the embassy asked for DNA.

The problem started when the result of the test would have revealed that all three (3) children his wife claimed to have born for him are not biological children.

That is why the husband returned to demand explanation from his wife; because she could not quickly say anything that convinced the man, he jumped at her and hit her black and blue.

And the woman’s friends began to distribute the woman’s battered photos on social media with the caption: “See how a man hit his wife and removed her 4 teeth!” But they don’t contain the reason for the beating.

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