Obaseki Has Ordered Oshiomhole’s Assassination, Alleges Ex-Edo Assembly Speaker

Thomas Okosun, former speaker at the Edo State House of Assembly, has claimed that state governor Godwin Obaseki has ordered the murder of Adams Oshiomhole, the national president of the All Progressives Congress (APC).


Okosun stated this during an interview on the Sunday Politics of Channels Television, while responding to the gap between Obaseki and his predecessor.

“Before that time, the governor threatened that every time Comrade (Oshiomhole) comes to Edo State, he gave orders that he should be treated.

“What you saw yesterday was an attempt to actually carry out that instruction for the governor to deal with Adams Oshiomhole, his predecessor. His great demand is that he be killed, “he claimed.

Asked whether he heard Obaseki say that Oshiomhole should be killed, Okosun insisted on his claim.

“I stick to my allegations; I’m sticking with it. Yes, I heard Obaseki say he had to deal with him. Yes I have. It’s on video, it’s everywhere, “added Okosun.

Responding to a reported attack on Oshiomhole in Edo on Saturday, Okosun, an APC chief in Edo, noted that the party’s national president would have been killed without the intervention of security officials.

According to him, people who had to protect Oshiomhole were the ones who wanted to kill him.

“Three people were arrested yesterday with Pump Action among the boys who came to attack Oshiomhole. The police will tell you that. What did they come to do there?

“If you want to ask, the Chief Security Officer of a state is a man who has to provide security for everyone in Edo State. He is now the one who threatens having to deal with his predecessor in the office, “he added.

Meanwhile, Peter Esele, a former president of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), has called Obaseki to arrange scores with his predecessor.

Esele noted that Oshiomhole played a crucial role in the rise of Obaseki as governor in 2016.

“What we are looking for is peace. And if you are looking for peace and you see Oshiomhole and Obaseki handing in gloves, what message do you send to the followers?

“It is not about whether you come to Edo State and inform the governor. What we have now is the situation whether you like it or not, Oshimhole played a role in Obaseki who came up as governor, “Esele said.

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