Outrage on a plane as French officials wrap African Man in Nylon For Deportation (video)

An inhuman treatment of an African man by some French immigration officers responsible for deportation caused indignation in an airplane and on social media.

French officials

The African man was packed by the officials who had bundled him on the plane. Fortunately, he was unpacked after some passengers on the plane became furious and insisted that he be removed from the package.

In the video that is shared online, some passengers may hear that the officials do not do the same with a white person in a similar situation when they try to remove the nylon from his body.

A Facebook user identified as Okoro Ikechukwu uploaded the video on his page and added it as follows;

Is this how France deports?
This is very wrong
Imagine how one of your African brothers was packed and put on a plane to be deported from France! “

See the video below.

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