Pop Star, 9ice Reveals Why He Never Signed Any Artiste To His Record Label

9ice, who also acts as the CEO of House of Ancestors, a label print he founded in 2008, revealed this during his upcoming projects and recording strategies with Hip TV.


The 40-year-old singer, who once signed with Edge Records, a Lagos-based print, said he would rather involve talented singers, promote their brands in projects and let them go on their call.

According to him, drawing an artist is accompanied by challenges, including realities about investment returns that can leave the label and the artist who closes the horns if he wants to leave.

“When veterans record new artists, there are always issues such as arguments that cause the artist to leave voluntarily or unwillingly. That’s why I never signed an artist,” 9ice said.

“What I did with them was,” I have a label, come under this platform. If you have a song that I think is good enough, I will support you, we will record the video and promote it. I mean do your thing!

“If you feel that you are mature enough to stand alone, I will let you go. Signed artists take a lot of time. They can claim their own right and say,” I have been under this label for a long time and they do not for me.”

“But ultimately both parties have their mistakes. The record label tells you something like: “We have invested N40 million and we have not received back N30 million and he said he wants to go.”

“And the doctor would defend himself by saying,” You have invested 40 million, but we signed two years. “Whether you earn your N40 million or not, it’s my time to go.” So both parties have their rights.

“So, to avoid these problems, I think it’s better to get investors and record companies on a larger scale that can invest money and distribute it in the long run, so it won’t just be music scales.

“Maybe merchandise and such, but if you don’t have enough money, you can’t do it all. If you do not earn money with the record sale, you can use merchandise and other areas. “

TheCable Lifestyle had previously reported how Lyta, a singer who previously signed with Ylam van Olamide, quit the label after declaring that it did not give him the freedom he needed to thrive.

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