There’ll Be Problem If FG Does Not Tackle Drug Abuse – Marwa


Brig Gen Buba Marwa (retd.), Former military governor of the state of Lagos, said Monday that Nigeria will have many problems if drug abuse does not tackle effectively.

Marwa, chairman of the presidential advisory committee for the elimination of drug abuse, said this Monday in the Sunrise Daily program of Channels TV.

He responded to an information he received that Boko Haram hunters threw a child into a burning vehicle during their attack on Auno, Borno, two weeks ago, adding that only people under the influence of hard drugs could have done so.

The retired general said: “Last week someone in Auno near Maiduguri told me that a woman had been burned in one of the buses.

“She threw her child out so that it would at least survive, but the rebels picked it up and threw it back in the bus.

“What kind of depravity could that be unless someone was completely unaware?

“So this is the cause of most of our problems, including security, and needs to be addressed.”

Marwa said raids on terrorist shelters had shown that the uprising was mainly fueled by hard drugs.

He said the committee, established in December 2018, submitted its report to the President in October 2019

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