Viral Video: Lady Spotted Urinating On The Wall, Like A Man

A viral video that surfaced online when a lady was caught on a camera urinating on a wall as if she were a man.


In the video that was seen by GistsFanz TV, the woman could be seen beautifully dressed as a Maleficent in an all-gold dress and a pair of horns on her head.

Apparently the lady was initially unaware that she was being filmed because she could be held on to something that seemed to be her genital and did her thing.

She finally realized she was on the camera, but did not give in and continued until she was done.

She then left the place as if nothing had happened. It is not clear whether the guy was dressed for a play, that is, a suit or something, and the place and time of the event is unknown to us at the time of submitting this report.

Watch the video below:

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