Wife confesses child does not belong to late husband in Abuja

Her intention is to inherit my brother’s wealth, says brother-in-law

By Joseph Erunke –

Abuja A widow, Mrs. Stella Ndidi Amaka Ekwerekwu, has been detained in police custody in Abuja for offering a four-month-old baby boy as son and relatives to her deceased husband, Victor Ameachi Ekwerekwu.

Charles Ekwerekwu

Mrs. Ekwerekwu, according to a petition to the Inspector General of Police, from January 3, 2020 by the brother of the deceased husband, Charles Ekwerekwu Nwabufo, brought the baby to his husband as his son a few hours after his death.

The couple, from Onitsha, Anambra, would have been married for 18 years without a child.

The accused was said to have moved to the land registry a few hours after the child’s presentation to her dying husband to register the child as surviving relatives with her husband. To that end, the husband’s family who know that the couple had no child in their 18-year marriage became suspicious and called for the wife’s arrest.

In the petition to the IGP, Mohammed Adamu who made the arrest and subsequent detention of Mrs. Ekwerekwu necessary, the petitioner, Charles Ekwerekwu Nwabufo, claimed that the wife of his brother, who could not bear a child during their 18-year marriage, with the child a few hours appeared on her brother’s sickbed until his death claimed to be his son.

In addition to claiming that her deceased husband fathered the child, Ms Ekwerekwu, according to the petitioner, also presented the child to her husband as survivors.

The deceased, who died on October 29, 2019, is still in the mortuary. Following the action of Mrs. Ekwerekwu, her husband’s family, led by Charles Ekwerekwu Nwabufo, filed a petition with the police chief in search of a thorough investigation into the cause of the man’s death.

The police boss, who followed the petition on January 4, 2020, following the family request in the January 3, 2020 petition, requested the Intelligence Response Team led by Deputy Police Commissioner, DCP Abba Kyari, to act quickly.

Vanguard found that it was based on the strength of the petition that Ms. Ekwerekwu, who is reportedly currently in custody at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, was arrested.

It was found that during the interrogation by IRT investigators the suspect confessed that the child does not belong to the deceased, while the documents in the inheritance registration where the child was registered were also found.

The complainant Charles Ekwerekwu Nwabufo had claimed in his petition to the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu that “Stella, who had been married without problems for 18 years to his deceased brother Victor Ekwerekwu, suddenly brought a four month old baby to the death of his brother and claimed that the deceased husband was the father of the child.

Also a bank manager who was accused of facilitating the withdrawal of money from the deceased account to the woman has also been arrested by the police. It was determined that the IRT agents had gone a long way in their investigation and that more people who would have assisted the accused will be arrested during the plan.

The police were unable to respond to calls for an investigation yesterday. SMS sent to the head of the IRT unit, DCP Abba Kyari, to ask for clarification, was not answered at the time of the press.

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