Another Deadly Virus Alas Man Dies 32 Infected With New Hantavirus In China

Just as the world has yet to overcome the dreaded Coronavirus, China is launching yet another deadly virus, Hantavirus


A man from the Chinese province of Yunnan tested positive for Hantavirus on Monday.

He died while en route to Shandong Province to work on a chartered bus, China’s Global Times reported. 32 other people have been tested, the report added.

After his death, Hantavirus became a trend on social media, panicking people that it was another COVID-19 ready to start another pandemic.

Contrary to popular belief and WhatsApp university teaching us about it, let’s get a reality check on Hantavirus.

Firstly, unlike coronavirus, Hantavirus is not airborne. People who contract the Hantavirus usually come into contact with rodents that carry the virus.

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