Coronavirus: Bayelsa Bars Persons Coughing From Boarding Buses

The Bayelsa state government has prohibited persons who cough, sneeze, or show signs of respiratory infection to board commercial vehicles and boats in the state.

Ere Efeke

This was stated Monday in a statement by the Permanent Secretary, Department of Transportation, Ere Efeke, as part of measures to control the coronavirus pandemic in the state’s transportation industry.

He said all vehicles would now carry a maximum of one driver in the front, one passenger in the front and two passengers per seat, while Keke drivers would have two passengers with only the rider in the front.

Efeke also said that boats should not carry more than two passengers per seat.

He went on to say: “All carriers / companies are expected to have hand washing equipment with soap and running water at their entrances

“All operators must have alcohol-based disinfectants in their vehicles.

“All taxis and buses must provide their vehicles with wipes, tissues and other disposable items that passengers can use to wipe doors and other handles.”

The government, while discouraging non-essential travel, discouraged vehicle inspectors from the Ministry and NURTW, TOAN, RTEAN “and other law enforcement agencies” to monitor, coordinate and enforce the guidelines.

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