Has Malawi Elected An Igbo Man As President?

Has Malawi Elected An Igbo Man As President?

The picture you see attached to this post is the newly elected vice president of Malawi Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima and his wife. They are both dressed in a beautiful Nigeria attire. (Note, most people here don’t even know whether it is Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa attire, all they know is that it is a Nigeria attire). You will not know the influence Nigeria has on Africa and Africans until you travel out of Nigeria.

The result of the just concluded rerun election was announced late night on Saturday the 27th, and by 10AM of Sunday the newly elected president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his Vice Dr Chilima were already sworn into office. As you read this, the new president who is just a day old in office, has already named some ministers and made some appointments.

But this is not really my focus in this post.

Yesterday following my post titled “A New Dawn In Malawi”, so many Nigerians were wishing for that situation in which they will be united just like Malawians and make sure that their votes count.

Well, Nigeria as it is right now CANNOT work. Nobody should deceive you. We are not a nation of one people with common interest. No! You can say that of Malawians, but certainly not Nigerians.

We do not have same values. We were forced to live together as one and since the terms of our unity was not negotiated, we will always clash.

We are easily divided along ethnic and tribal lines. More worrying is religion. In Nigeria, we select leaders base on tribe and religious affiliation and NOT competence. That is why Buhari, whom in my judgement cannot even be an admin in a WhatsApp group of 200 persons, is the leader of over 200 Million Nigerians in the year 2020.

It is either we all sit and re-negotiate our unity together and agree on the terms and conditions or every region go their own way. Prayer for Nigeria In Distress or 21 days fasting for Nigeria to be one will not work. You can take it to the bank!

Right now, the Yorubas are warming up for a Yoruba presidency against 2023. The Igbos are warming up too. The Hausas have already finished warming up long time ago. Every major office in Nigeria is run by someone from the North. The referee will soon blow the whistle and the fight will begin. We will kill each other, burn tyres, shout on Facebook, and calm down afterwards. Every election, the samething. Are you guys not tired?

Though in Malawi, there are different tribes, but the dominant tribe is Chewa. Everyone can speak and understand Chichewa (their national language). This is largely because the people are from Bantu, their language and culture are Bantu. So comparing Chichewa language with Chitumbuka language, for example, is like comparing how an Nsukka man speaks Igbo with how an Anambra man speaks Igbo.

Nigeria is about nine times bigger than Malawi in terms of land mass. The population of Malawians is around 18 Million. Lagos population is about two times bigger than the entire Malawi population, yet Malawi is a country.

If we cannot live together, must we die together?

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