See What Bobrisky Was Wearing That Proves He Is Not Pregnant (photo)

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See What Bobrisky Was Wearing That Proves He Is Not Pregnant (photo)

Bobrisky 2 weeks Pregnant? That’s a lie, See what he was wearing..
There was a lot of Stir on Social Media, when Bobrisky said he was two weeks Pregnant. We all know Bobrisky to be someone who likes attention and goes to any Length to get it.

Everybody knows Bobrisky is a Man that dresses Like a Lady, now my question is, can a Man get pregnant? No. If a Man can not get pregnant how did Bobrisky then develop the Baby Bump he showed off on his Instagram Page?

To solve this puzzle that has been bothering you on how Bobrisky got pregnant, let me tell you this, bobrisky is not pregnant because it’s not possible.

It is believed since a man can’t get pregnant, that means Bobrisky was putting on something that gave people the impression that he was Pregnant.

Bobrisky might have been wearing a clothing called MOON BUMP. The moon Bump is wore by people who want to fake their pregnancy . Therefore Bobrisky might have been wearing this Moon Bump when he snapped that picture.

I hope with this your mind is calm on the pregnancy of Bobrisky. But let me ask, does it make any sense for a man to wear such?

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