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The Cab Man - Episode 1


Call him the cabman, this home name is called Dankoko but his real name is Usman Danyuna.its not that he wasn’t educated, Infact the truth remains that dankoko is a university graduate holding a diploma under Buisness Management from one of the most prestigious university in Nigeria. To be precise, It is the University of Ibadan.Dankoko has gone on several trips in search of job opportunities, submitted over in many companies and underwent a number of interview but all to no avail. He was the laughing stalk in his neighbourhood. His neighbours used to make fun of him as the university mugu, They refer to him as someone who went to school up to university level but still sit at home from hand to mouth. He was dispised by almost everyone in the neibourhood.Even Sonia the girl he was courting dumped him because of his condition. His condition as so bad that he was given a quick notice to vacate his one room apartment due to inability to pay his rent for five months.

One fine morning, Dankokos was in his room,When his friend walked in

Yusuf:I get beta nes for you this morning.

Dankoko: The news better be good because I am sick and tired of bad news.

Yusuf: No wahala at all, this one na good one. I don find beta job for you

Dankoko: Alah will bless you my friend

Yusuf: Amen

Dankoko: wow my friend, tell me whats the nature of the job?

Yusuf: Well nah driving job. My madam for office dey find driver wey go dey carry am go any where she wan go at any time of the day, she kon promise say she go dey pay the driver well well.

Dankoko felt dissapionted but manage to continue the dialogue

Dankoko: well no wahala. I go think about am

Dankoko felt dissapionted because he was thinking that the job offer was great.He was deeply engrossed in thought but manage to notice Yusuf walked out of the room leaving a business card on the table. Lost in thought he began to siloliquise to himself : for four months now, I have been jobless since the car I was managing as a taxi driver knocked engine what should I do? Should I give this offer a try? My dad will always say that “A bird at hand is better than ten in bush”. Dankoko made up his mind to get the job not minding how little the salary maybe. He walked up to the table, pick up the business card and dial the phone number written on it. The phone rang twice and a sweet voice of a lady came from the other end “Hello who is this on the line please”. The voice was so cool courteous, for the first time in a long time. Dankoko became short of words and began to think how to reply. ”Hello may I Know who I am speaking to”?The lady questioned again. “Hi,Hello I’m, I am Dankoko. My friend Yusuf told me that you need a driver so am calling to know if the vacancy is still available”. “Oh yes the offer is still available but are you a registered driver?

“ma, I don’t understand”

“What I’m is do you have a driver license”?

“Oh yes ma I have a driver license and ten years”.

“Very good then, make sure you come to my office tomorrow at Johnson Avenue off kilometer ten opposite kada plaza G.R.A, am sure its written in the biusness card given to you”. Make sure you come within you come within the early hours of tomorrow; The lady ended the call leaving dankoko shouting : hello! hello! Madam! Madam!!!

Very early the following day, Dankoko got himself prepared for his first interview with his new madam and hastily boarded a taxi with the money he borrowed from Yusuf to Jhonson avenue. It took him only an hour to get to his destination. Dankoko found himself standing before a big gate that was newly sprayed black with several golden circle design carefully done on it horizontally. The scent of the filled his nostrils as he walk closer to knock. Knock! Knock!! knock!!!, He heard the steps of someone walking towards him at the other side of the gate “who dey diar”? He peeped through the small hole crafed on the left side of the gate “Oga Mr man, Nah who,you dey look for? Good morning sir, ehh my name is Dankoko please is madam in? The gate man looked at him from the head to toe.”Nah which connection you get with madam? And why you dey look for am” well am his new driver. Which driver? Madam no tell me say he get new driver. While they were exchanging words, madam came out through the door.

Akpan what is happening over there? Maram, Nah one man. Whey say hebe your new driver. Oh that must be Dankoko let him in.

Dankokostep into the compound and was amazed at the finess of the building before him. He was still lost in the admiral of the building, when Regina  David his new madam called on him. Dankoko pleas stop standing there I have so many things to attend to.

Hmm my readers do you know that the finess of the building is nothing compare to the beauty of my new madam. Ithink she should be between the age of 35 to 40 years, she is neither slim or fat, light skin, slim waist, burky breast and perky ass chick .Hello mr man ,why are you starring at me like that? Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. She went to the fridge, brought out a can of water for herself and a bottle of malt for her guest. Dankoko watched closely as her voluminous ass sway left right left right and the rhythm of the movement of her butt got his dick excited. This for you, she handed the malt to Dankoko.

Regina David: So mr man whats your name and where do you live.

Dankoko: He adjusted himself to the chair he was sitting on and tried not to focus on the breast that he has been staring at by looking at her face. My name is Usman Danjuma but my nick name is Dankoko. I  live at Iyare avenue opposite water board here in Lagos.

Madam Regina David: Do you have a drivers license?

Dankoko: Yes madam He brought out a brown envelope containing some document from the quality paper back he came along with and handed it over to her.

Madam Regina David: (After going through the document I think I like you Dankoko and I will give you the job. She cleared her throat and continued  but I still have some reservations which are number one, my driver do not smoke, number two (with herr two left finger folded while one of her right finger was touching it) my driver do not smoke or take any kind of alchohol, number three my driver must be neat always and lasly (looking more serious) my driver must not womanize. Dankoko gave a serious look at her which made her return a baby look at him.Dankoko soliloquies to himself “she’s prettier when she smiles”.The more I try to maintain focus and listen to what she has to say,the more I try to maintain focus and listen to what she has to say, the more my eyes move on their own from her golden eyes to her pointed nose how wonderful will it be to perk her nose with a lovely kiss. I notice that my eyes were finding it difficult to leave her chest region as those two wonderful creatures were kind of looking too big for her small chest “I wonder how they would look off that polo she is putting on” Iwas still lost in my lustful admiration when I heard my name all of a sudden. Yes madam

Dankoko : Dankoko are you alright

Regina David: Alright do you have anty question that you would like to ask me or do you have a problem with any of my reservations.

Dankoko: no madam.

Regina David: And do you promise to abide by them

Dankoko: yes madam

Then you must report to work by 7:00am tomorrow. Wash the two vehicles in the compound then we will both take off to drop my daughter in her school there after. You will take me off to my office.she took a quick drink in her glass of water, while Dankoko took in the remaining of his malt.I think that should be all for now unless you have no question that you would like to ask me, she adjusted her sitting posture and crossed her legs with her two palm resting on her kneel. No ma I mean yes madam how much will be my salary on monthly basis? For a start you will be paid N50,000 for the first two months then there would be increment if you perform well to my satisfaction. In addition I will make sure I take care of your breakfast and lunch (she made a cogly smile as her lips twisted to one side of her mouth).Do you have any more questions? No madam. Dankoko wanted to ask if she stays alone or with her husband but immediately refrained himself for reasons best known to him. Her husband must be the most lucky person on Earth to have gotten married to her. He wished he was the one taking care of those juicy lips of hers, those mountainous breast how good and pleasant it will be to suck on those percky nipples not to talk of the forbidden area between her legs. Dankoko was still swimming in fantasy when he became reawaken of Reginas voice. “since you don’t have any further questions I think tou should be going because i need to pick my daughter at her school. She excused herself to get him some money for his transport. Dankoko cursed himself for being so turned on by a woman he was bearly meeting for the first time as her bouncing ass sway left and right. She returned with the money and handed it over to Dankoko who appreciated her after collecting it. I must thank you ma for offering this job to me, you are a very kind hearted and pretty woman. She blushed a little and try to return by smile thanks for the compliment. God bless you ma, I shall resume work tomorrow. He bade her good bye and took his leave.

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