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The Cab Man - EPISODE 2

Dankoko who was dealing with some mounted pressure of uneasiness as they approach the gate  to Regina’s house got wrapped up in his own thought “I think madam will rate me as the worst of all the drivers she has ever employed judging by the way I almost knocked down that innocent school girl with this S.U.V. Wagon along Oshodi bye pass today”. He cursed himself for letting a touch on his lap from madam as she beckon on him to limit the speed level caused his whole body to tingle. Why does every of her move make my body chemistry to malfunction? I think this day dreaming has to stop. I am nothing but an ordinary driver and I have to comport myself as such. Nothing romantic will ever happen between us he advised himself. Peemm! Peemm!! Peemm!!! The gate man opened the gate and they drove into the compound.

Ok love we’re home already, take your school bag and your lunch box to your room I will catch-up with you later as I need to talk to Dankoko for a while.

Nancy: Ok mum

Regina David

So. Dankoko, (she took a deep breath) I must say that your driving today was terrible. You almost knocked down that little girl now tell me, do you have any problem with being my driver? Or is anything troubling your mind? (Dankoko made a quick glance at his madam and lowered his eyes) no madam. So what is the problem with you? You were quiet throughout our journey to work and on our way back home. I also notice on several occasion that you were often lost in your own thought and when I tried to engage you into conversation, you either gesture with nodding your head to say yes or a shake of your head to mean the reverse. The only time I touched you to keep your mind alert almost led to an accident. Look Dankoko I accept the blame for what happened today, I shouldn’t have touched you perhaps, I should have just told you using my mouth to slow down the vehicle (Dankoko whose head has been down raised his head and look at the direction of his boss) I am so sorry madam for the manner at which I drove today. It is just that I was caught up with so many thoughts in my mind that’s all. But you of all people ought to know that one important rule of driving is concentration. You cant be driving and your mind is roaming on different thoughts. Please madam, forgive me and accept my apology. I promise it will never happen again. It better not. So tell me dear what were those secret glances that you were stealing at me in the office today? Ma, I don’t understand. Oh shut that your sweet mouth Dankoko, I am not a baby and I know when someone like you keeps hiding some skeleton in his cupboard. Dankoko kept quiet with his eyes fixed on that of his madam. Look Dankoko I know that I am your boss but at the same time, I am a human being, not a lioness that will jump at you and tear you apart when you say anything stupid or tell me what is going on in your mind. Just be free with me, feel free to share anything with me do not keep your problem and thoughts to yourself. See, we are now one big family and I hope you remember the old saying that “a problem shared is a problem half solved”. Dankoko could no longer hold back his feelings as he is now ready to share everything, his worries and ask you of anything? Yes, that’s what I said. Are you sure you will want to share in my burden madam? Just share it with me if I am in a position to help, I mean if it is within my power than I will not hesitate to help. Madam, I know that this is not the right time to say this and we barely met two days ago (He paused for a while and with an apologetic face) madam I need your assistance. I’m in a dead and right now. My landlord has threaten to throw me out of his house tomorrow morning if I don’t pay my long due four months rent. Hmm I see, so how much are you talking about, I mean the four months rents? Well a month is N3300. It is a face me I face you one room apartment so the four months is N14,000 (Regina David looked at his face for a while, then picked his hang bag from the back seat, brought out some hard currency and handed some to Dankoko). Take this N20,000. Consider it as an advance payment from your salary use it to settle your landlord. Dankoko who was too excited to reason correctly suddenly hugged his madam. The hug was so tight that she could feel her plump breast squeezing against his chest, thank you ma, thank you so much madam, I’m very grateful ma. He then came back to his senses and retreated away from her. I’m sorry madam, I don’t know what came over me please forgive my stupidity (Regina could hear her heart beating as her breath heighted. She knew that she has not felt this kind of feeling for a long time as she could sense her nipple becoming hard. Oh how sweet she whispered within herself) no problem dear I completely understand. One more thing Dankoko will you like to stay here with us? This house is four bedroom flat and two rooms are vacant you can come and stay in which ever one you would like. (She steady her gaze on Dankoko hoping he would agree to come and stay. Dankoko was still thinking of what to say as she continued in her mind blowing fantancy. “Just say yes Dankoko and things will work out well for both of us, say yes and one of these days under this roof we will have the opportunity to drink out of each other’s love. Only a single yes and not too far from now I will be stroking those side bears of yours. Oh how I long to kill this loneliness of mine, it’s been four years of coldness of heart, four years of being a single mother; four years of waking up without a man beside me” (she was drawn out of her fantacy when she heard him cleared his throat). Did you say something? Yes madam. Don’t you think it will be unwise to ask me into your house without your husband consent?

Regina David (feeling relieved at least he did not say no) oh yes my husband consent, that’s so thoughtful of you Dankoko. But for now, don’t bother yourself about my husband consent because I’m both the wife and the husband in this house. (she tried to hide her emotion I must not allow him to know what I feel towards him). I’m only offering you a favour. You can say no if you want to. She opened the front door, brought out her right leg and turned toward him, think about it and come with your reply tomorrow morning. She wants to catch-up with Nancy who was already changing into a casual pink top and a blue jean.

That night, Dankoko was unable to sleep as his pals residing in his heart kept bombarding him with different suggestions. “But this was what you wanted, this is a golden opportunity to achieve all you’ve ever wanted, a chance to fulfill those erotic fantacy of yours. But I’m not sure things will work out well that way for you bro, she hasen’t even show you any sign to know if she is interested in you and moreover, she is your boss. I think you should wake up from this fantacy of yours before you get yourself fried. Then the first pal: staying with her will help to reduce your expenses, there will be no more house rent, and other bills, even feeding may no longer become a problem. I think this is the right decision to make. The betterment of living with her far outweighs the disadvantages. The next morning, Dankoko gave his reply to his boss and she asked him to bring his belongings the following day.


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