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The Cab Man Episode 3


Its been two weeks since Dankoko moved to stay in her boss residence yet no romance, everything went on as normal and casual except for the few times in his taught and right dreams where he would imagine both of them pressed hard in warmth embrace with her hands wraps around his shoulder. Moment when they kissed nonstop. He has often fantasize the thrill that those vagina shape lips of hers will cause and not to even mention the workers of their tongues in each other’s mouth. His dick grew harder as he imagine those volumcious breast being pressed against his bare chest. He could hear her moan softly as he squeeze the check of her ass and press it against his already excited dick Dankoko close his eyes to fully take in the pleasure it brings. The ecstasy and the pleasure of driving his cock into her forbidden garden made him to begin thrusting his waist upward in a rhymatic motion as he lay alone on his bed.  The pleasure heightened making him to loosen his belt pulled down his pant and gave himself an awesome blow job. It was in the second round of his jacking off that he heard someone knock on the door to his room, who could that be and why is she knocking at this late hour of the night? He did not border to ask who the person was because of the manner at which the person gave the soft knock. “I think whoever the person is does not want to disturb a third party. He quickly put on his pant with his erect dick giving a point and kill appearance. He then wore his trousers and headed straight to the door. Guess who the person was Nancy what are you doing here at this time of the night? I couldn’t sleep. He motion to her to sit in the sofa and he sat beside her. What is it that troubles your mind? Why are you not able to sleep? Dankoko, I missed my dad (she said this as drops of tears escape out of her eyes) and I know that mum missed him too, yesterday during our RNV class, the class teacher said that “every woman needs a husband to love and cherish her and every child needs a father who will nurture and give her fatherly support. (She stopped and sob for few seconds and then looked at Dankoko in the eyes) I know that my mum needs a husband and I also need a man to call father. Dankoko reached out to her cheek and dried her tears with his singlet that was in between them on the sofa, she held his hand as he was about chopping the singlet “Dankoko will you please be my second daddy?”. I will not be ashamed to call you father and I know that my mother also likes you, please Dankoko lets be one big family. But, please don’t say but Dankoko I may be small but I know when a man likes a woman. I do see the manner at which you look at my mum most of the time and I think she will like you in return. You will not understand Nancy, your mother is my boss and I’m just a common driver I don’t think what you are asking for will ever become possible. Dankoko, my teacher will always say “that everything is possible and what is not possible does not exist” do you know what I think of you Dankoko? (she wiped her eyes and look at his face) I don’t only see you as my mum’s driver but I see you as a loving and caring dad that drives his daughter to school and his wife to work. She giggled a smile a smile at Dankoko who also return a smile to her. (Dankoko took a deed breable) alright Nancy, I promise to think about what we have discussed tonight but please go back to your room and try to sleep, remember first test begins tomorrow. (He pointed his rechargeable torch at the wall clock go and get some rest Ok? Yes daddy she stood up to take her leave. (Dankoko who was stunned with surprise could not belief that Nancy has just said that to him). Please Nancy, don’t tell your mum about our conversation. She nods her head, I promise daddy, good night daddy.

Early in the morning, Regina called Nancy to her room, good morning mother, good morning my angel hope you slept well? Yes mum and hope you’ve said your prayer? Yes mother I have prayed ok, I will not be going to work today because I don’t feel well, I will need to stay at home to treat myself of typhoid because the doctor diagnosed that I have typhoid yesterday when I visited the nearby hospital. So quickly go and get ready for school and try to make me proud with your test performance do you promise? Yes mum I promise to do better than last term, that’s my girl. Dankoko will take you to school and he will also come to pick you up during closing hour Ok mum.

When they got to school, before she step out of the car, Nancy made Dankoko to promise that he will take good care of her mum at home. While at home, Dankoko acted as a caring husband that Nancy made him promised. He made hot tea for his boss, acted swiftly on every instruction, bought her drugs from the nearest pharmacy and entered her room every now and then to ask on how she was feeling. He was about leaving the seventh time when Regina stopped him. “Dankoko, yes madam, (she motioned at him to sit beside her. You are a caring man, a man with a good heart, thank you for the compliment madam, I wouldn’t have done less for my boss. She gave a weak but heartfelt smile. The room became quiet for a number of minute as both of them kept looking at each other eyes. I think I should leave madam, you can call on me whenever you need my attention. She node her head in agreement but as he was about opening the door to exit the room, Regina called on him again he turned to look at her “I heard the conversation between you and Nancy last night. Dankoko stood still like a dead man. Hey why are you like that, common she’s just a child you can go and do what you were about doing yes, yes madam. He left the room with his heart beat tripled. He gently closed the door behind him. I love you Dankoko, I love you with the remaining pieces of my broken heart (she said this amidst a wide smile on her face) and I know that fate will bring us together one day.      

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