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The Cab Man - Episode 4

 Its April 11th and its being three days of staying at home without having to go to work or to leave the confine of her home. Though she is now better of than before but she still wished the sickness to last longer so that she can continue to enjoy re rapt attention of the only man that she nor care about in her entire life. The only man that could pitch his tent in land that has lied fallow for ten years. “He came as a nobody but the moment I set my eyes on him, I knew that there was more  to him that meets the eyes”. What sorts of charm or love portion did he actually used on me? Who could have ever thought that this harden wall could be penetrated?  That this coldness of heart can be fired ablaze? She took a deep breath and let it out with her closed “Dankoko, why didn’t I meet you before now? Where were you during these ten years of loneliness? Why did you have to want till the honey, is almost dried up from the honey comb? (She heard a knock on the door) please come in (Dankoko walked in holding a glass of water and some packs of medicine) Good afternoon madam, it’s time for your afternoon dose. Hope you had some rest (she tried to situp and rested her back against the raised wooden frame of the bed. She then mentioned to Dankoko to sit beside her). I think you look healthier today than yesterday. She smiles at him. Yes I think so as well and all thanks to you Dankoko. He gave her the drugs and the water which she took and handed the empty glass to him. She placed her left hand on Dankoko’s kneel cap), how can I ever repay you for your affectionate service towards me during these three days of this illness (Dankoko placed his both hands on top of her hand) madam, you don’t need to repay me for I have only done the needful (a knock was heard at the door to the sitting room) please go and check who the person is (Dankoko left her, with her eyes fixed on him. Few minutes later, Isioma a close friend to Regina David walked in accompanied by Dankoko into the room. Babe what happened to you? I checked into your office this morning and I was told that you’ve not been to work for three days. “My sister, nah typhoid fever ooh”, “why you nor go hospital nah”? well I felt that I could handle it by myself. So how are you feeling now, hope you are getting better? Of course I think that I’m ok now. I only need to recover my strength, hmm thank God that it was not worst but at least help me thank baba God my sister. So how is Nancy? She is very fine but she is in school right now..and…and who was that man that came to open the door for me. Which man? The man that escorted me into your room and excused himself nah. Oh Dankoko (she gave a shy smile) his name is Usman Danjuma but I call him by his nickname which is Dankoko, he is my new driver. Your driver? Yes (she smile again) are you sure that there is something that you are not telling me? Babe you know that you can talk to me and be rest assured that our conversation will forever remain sealed inside my mouth. Well right now, he is more than a driver to me (she gave a shy smile and bite her lower lip) I think I like him. Wait babe did you say that you like him or? I mean to say that I’m in love with him if that’s what you are inching to her. (She sat up with her legs folded in a triangular shape and placed a pillow between her lap and her belly). He is a cool guy and a very caring type. He has all the qualities that I have ever wanted in a guy. You know, I have always wished that God will give me a man with Nancy’s father qualities and Dankoko is exact replica of him, come to think of it, he is 6 feet fall, he has a round face like that of Nancy’s father and a side bears that reminds me of his. I love his broad chest and his pronounced bicep (she gave a wider smile). He is also a calm type. Well babe I thank God that you finally found love again. So has he made any move on you?. What do you mean? Come Gina you know what I mean, well no, he is the shy type, and I guess he’s having difficulties expressing his feelings or may e he feels that I will sack him or whatever if he should open up to me. Then, I feel you should make the first move, show him some green light, create circumstances to make him open up to you. It is only in this part of the country that forbid women from expressing their feelings to the man they love. (Nancy walked into the room). Good afternoon mum, hey Nancy you’re back from school. Good afternoon aunty good afternoon my G, see how grown up you’ve become come on, come give me a hug (Nancy gave her a friendly hug). Aunisi, you have come with your teasing again, it was two weeks ago that we met, how then did I become so grown up within two weeks, look at yourself now, you added weight and height at the same time. Thank you for your compliment. So my angel how was school today? School was fine mum and how are you feeling mum? As you can see, I’m getting better, I can see that he took good care of you (both, Gina and Isioma gave a surprise look at Nancy) who are you talking about? Never mind mum (Nancy left the room). I think your daughter likes him too. That one (she point at the door) both of them are best of pals. They act like father and daughter. Do you think she will accept him as his foster father?.  Absolutely yes my dear. Then the ball is in your court. Babe don’t worry me just leave him to me, very soon, I mean very soon, he will come out of his shell. I trust you.  Well babe, I think I have to leave now because I need to pick some groceries on my way to Ada’s school its almost their closing time. Alright I really appreciate your visit please take good care of my little princess and greet uncle Mike for me. I can see that he is taking good care of you eh. I agree he is taking good care of me just as your newly found boyfriend is also taking good care of you. (She exit the room). After dinner, the family gathered in the sitting room to watch “twist of fate”.


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