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The Cab Man - Episode 5


As the movie continued, Nancy excused herself to sleep in her room leaving her mum and Dankoko in the sitting room. Dankoko was putting on short pant exposing his hairy lap and a white singlet while Gina, she wore a short but tight  transparent silvery night gown which was a little below her hip. Dankoko could hardly concentrate on the movie as he would occasionally glance at her unusually wide hip and big back side. He became turned on as his eyes took a steady look at her hafly exposed breast which were made visible by the v-shape neck night gown. You look distracted Dankoko is anything the matter? No madam (he then became focused on the television) come on, I have told you on several occasion to stop calling me madam just call me Gina and I’m ok (she smiled at him) Gina took the remote to lower the volume of the TV. Dankoko, yes Gina, do you think I am beautiful? Yes of course, you are the epitome of beauty. You are beautiful to the core and your beauty is without blemish. Thanks but I think you are just pulling my legs. No Gi…na, I’m damn serious. Alright, do you also think that I am the kind of woman that a good man like you will desire to have as girl friend or a wife? G, I will be the luckiest man on earth if I ever have the opportunity of getting married to you. Are you serious? About what you’ve just said? Dankoko stood up, went to where she was lying coiled on the sofa chair, bent towards her and before she could figure out his intention, he planted his lips on hers. He tried to invade her mouth into her tongue but she restricted him for a moment. Dankoko eventually had his way when she could no longer cover up her burning desire to be invaded. She became turned on by the warmth breath of Dankoko. So she opened her mouth to allow him get a filled of her taste while maintaining the closeness with her hands wrapped around his head. She could sense her trembling but managed to remain calm. Dankoko stood her up without breaking the kiss and held her close to himself not leaving a space between them. Dankoko’s hand began to move on their own accord, (I think they wanted to get a feel on every part of her delicacy) as they wander from her waist to her butt, from there they journeyed to the lower side of her butt. He drew her closer and pressed his dick against her V-region she exhale sharply and gave out a soft moan Aaash. Dankoko, your dick is so big and strong. I can’t wait to get a feel of it. Gina, Dankoko whispered into her ear, I have always crave for you since the moment set my eyes on you. He kissed her forehead and planted another one on her neck. He then went back to enjoy the taste of her mouth while his hands moved from beneath her plump ass to her butt check. He squeeze her plumpy ass check. Aaash Dan-k Dankoko became more turned on by those words and gave her ass a harder squeeze my dam ass again. Dankoko could sense her breast increasing and her nipple turning harder. I’m becoming wet Dan, just do it, invade my Vxxxx with your rod please. He put got under her under wear and noticed her sweating ass and that of the forbidden garden which was wet with her fluid. The thought of taking her down instantly filled his mind as his cock was being pressed against her couch. He brought out his finger from under her underwear and gave her a soft kiss. Gina let’s do this some other time. Why Danny, did I do anything wrong? Am I not looking sexy enough Dankoko prevented her from saying further by using his index finger to block her lip shhhh you are the most sexy woman that I have ever been with. We cant do this now that you are barely recovering though my body and emotion wants to get down with you tonight but my heart desires that I put your health first oh sweet Dankoko (she kissed him on the lip and rested her head on his chest). He then kissed her forehead and remove the strands of hairs that were covering her eyes my love, I think we both need some rest. Yeah you think so? Dankoko picked her up and carried her to the bedroom…you’re so sweet Dankoko (she wrapped her right hand around his shoulder) and you’re looking charming my love. He laid her on her bed, caress her lip with his finger and bade a good night kiss, good night my love and do well to swim in the ocean of my love in your dream tonight, I will.

Good morning mum, morning my princess how was your night? My night? Let me say that last night was a memorable right don’t you think so? I don’t know what you’re talking about Nancy. Well never mind mum. Come here Nancy what did you see last night nothing mum. I only had a nice dream.                    


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