Sunday, 18 November 2018

Fake Mad Man Caught With Fresh Human Private Parts, Bottle Of Blood

A teenager, Sunday Onwebenyi, from Emeziaka, Mgbo, in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of
Ebonyi State, was referred to a spiritual house in Awka by one Ms Blessing Eze. on getting there, Sunday was allegedly told to get the body parts of a child for money rituals

Hahahaha: Lagos Corps Member ‘Slay’ In Her Khaki Skirt

She came through in her khaki skirt


Once A Guy Sleeps With Me, He Becomes Wretched For Life” Slay Queen Reveals

A slay mama made a shocking revelation on a Facebook group page about how she posses spiritual

powers that absorbs a man destiny and blessings after sleeping with her.

She revealed that every success and destiny of any man she sleeps with becomes hers, and the victim would remain wretched

Why Are Men So Selfish During that Thing?

I think it's totally heartless and ungentlemanly for men to always leave women hanging during love

making. From research, movies, ladies gossip etc I have come to realise  that 80 percent of men don't really care if a lady is satisfied or not as far as they are.

The One "Fart" That Brought Our Relationship To an End

It took a long time for me to say yes to Aboagye’s proposal. I wanted to be sure of him. I wanted to

 know him inside out. Above all, I wanted to be sure of myself before giving my all in another relationship

9 Ways to Cope With the Fear of Cancer Recurrence

The fear of cancer recurrence or progression is simply the anxiety people feel when they consider

a cancer may come back or progress.

Understanding the Fear of Cancer Recurrence or Progression
Older woman hugging husband
This fear is very common. For those who are currently cancer-free (no evidence of disease, or complete remission,) at least 70 percent have a mild or moderate fear that the cancer will again show

Reasons Why Coping With Lung Cancer May Be Harder Than Br3ast Cancer

10 Reasons Coping with Lung Cancer May be Harder Than Br3ast Cancer

Is it harder for a woman (or man) to cope with lung cancer than to cope with breast cancer?

Certainly, this question is unfair—it's hard to cope with any kind of cancer, and some people with

I Flashed My Underwear To Attract Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky

*Monica Lewinsky shares new details about her first intimate encounter with Bill Clinton in the new
docuseries The Clinton Affair.

*It happened during the government shutdown, with leweinsky saying she flaunted her exposed thing in front of Clinton to get his attention.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Student Reportedly Buys 16 Year Old Girlfriend An Iphone X Max With A Mercedes Benz

An 100 level student, who is reportedly 19 years of age just bought his 16-year-old girlfriend a Benz, iWatch and Iphone X Max, all in a bid to surprise her.

The Abuja based student, Zubairu, is causing a stir online after he gave his girlfriend, Nihat the ultimate surprised.

Olu Jacobs And Joke Silva Celebrate Their 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Actors, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary with cute family photo.

The marriage between veteran actors Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva is one that has been celebrated by many other entertainers as a wonderful union.